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We initiate ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of chemicals which are used by soaps and detergents, welding electrodes, textiles and other industries.

The company was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Jayesh Parmar, with his technical background has successfully achieved a good reputation in the chemical market.

We are a small but a strong company. Our strength lies in supplying best quality material, most competitive price and prompt delivery.

J P Chemicals quickly became one of the fastest growing chemical trading companies in MUMBAI. We have a wealth of experience in marketing and supplying various types of chemicals. Our business strategy based on technical and quality material supplied to our customers from the quality manufacturers to the existing and developing markets has proved itself to be a success. We are well known amongst our clients as a company that can quickly source and deliver both the newest and wide range industrial bulk chemicals.

Industrial chemicals distributed by us confirm to the indian standards of purity and functionality. They are uncontaminated and are suitable for all kinds of industrial purposes, which these chemicals are required to fulfill. Right from the procurement of high quality raw material to the final delivery, every aspect is carefully checked for high quality.