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Sodium per Carbonate Supplier in mumbai

Jp Chemicals is leading supplier of Sodium per Carbonate Supplier in mumbai ,India

Sodium percarbonate is an environmentally friendly, high-performance low-temperature oxygen bleaching agent, and is widely used in industry as well as in daily life.
Sodium percarbonate is increasingly replacing sodium perborate for uses in detergent, bleaching powder, wood floor cleaner, carpet cleaner and other household and personal care products.
The product also has functions as a disinfector, oxygenation agent, and is utilized in industrial waste water treatment, sterilization, and first-aid.
Oxygenation agent in aquaculture. Pulp bleaching agent for the paper industry
A bleaching agent and dyeing agent in the textile industry.

        1、25kg Woven bags

        2、500kg or 1000kg container bags

Special packing is also available at the request of the customer.